How the scheme works

Contacting Us

  • You call the team on 0800 294 2060.
  • During the call you will be asked to identify areas that you visit or are likely to visit taking into account where you live, work and socialise
  • A member of the team will use a mapping tool to locate the relevant betting shops and add the premises to your exclusion

To Complete the Process

  • You will have to provide a copy of photographic ID (passport or drivers licence) and a good clear up to date photograph of yourself – this can be done by post or by e-mail
  • The team will create your self exclusion using the photograph you provided and will circulate it to the operators
  • The team will retain your photographic ID which will not be used for other purposes
  • The operators will then ensure it is circulated to the relevant betting shops

Once Activated

  • You can add additional betting shops to your exclusion at any time by calling the team
  • You will be excluded for a fixed term period of 12 months
  • You cannot leave the scheme before the exclusion period has expired
  • If you chose to return to gambling once the exclusion period has expired, you will be subject to a 24hour cooling off period

By Joining the Scheme, you are agreeing that

  • The contact information and photo you provide will be shared with the participating operators
  • You will not enter any of the betting shops listed on your exclusion
  • This is set out in the Terms and Conditions of the services – which can be seen here

This outline sets out the core parts of the scheme. In the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website, we hope to deal with the various issues that might arise.

Other self-exclusion

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